Video Production

Okay, so at this stage I dont know what you have in mind for your video, and what I won’t do is waste your time by showing you a long show reel, most of which isnt relevant to you. And I am not going to give you a long list of ” what we does”, again most of which isnt relevant to you !

So what I am going to do is give you some ideas of what I think is most important in todays environment, and the key thing here is that we have to recognise what social media has done to the context within which video is viewed and shown.

Video Testimonials

Ideally, customers or clients would whip out their mobile phone, record a short/quick video saying how great your product or service was, post it on their facebook site, link through to your company/organisation. Trouble is, they dont – by and large – and not unless you remind them, so your next best option is to use a video company to contact them and get them to do the testimonial in a natural environment, depending upon what your good or service is.

Why is this so important ? Because in todays world (positive) “social proof” is the next best thing to gold dust. And in a world where “brand experience” is what counts, and how that gets communicated, then the ability to see the experience others have had with your “brand” is crucial in shaping buying decisions.

So what sort of video testimonials have we done ? well everything from automotive, medical, property, through to travel, training, in the UK and as far afield as Turkey ( and in Turkish with English translations! )

Video Case Histories

 Case histories can come in several forms, but the basic principle is that you are showing your audience how your product or service has been used for real by customers. Its a very direct way of enaging with both current and potential customers, and doing it the right way – showing rather than telling – it is a very powerful way of answering the “whats in it for me” question all potential customers have.

Of course, you can put 3 good case histories together to make  an interesting and relevant corporate video.

The same process also works well for not-for profit organisations and charities. We produced a video for a charity showing how their work impacted on people in 4 different ways, using purely medical people and real patients, to great effect, in fact it changed the whole landscape within which the charity worked.

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